Digital Assets Capital

Invest in Real Estate for as Little as $100.

This is a revolutionary change that tokenizes fractional ownership of real estate investments.

Your next trillion-level investment platform for Real World Assets (RWA).

Start investing in real estate for as little as $100

Dive into the property market without breaking the bank. Transform your financial future with fractional ownership. Seize the opportunity, one token at a time.

Invest Comfortably from Anywhere

Embrace the future of real estate at your fingertips. No borders, no barriers, just boundless opportunities. Elevate your portfolio from wherever you are.

Introducing Digital Assets Capital

Harnessing the power of blockchain, we curate a vast portfolio of global properties, ensuring transparency and top-tier security. Our platform is built for everyone, from seasoned investors to newcomers. With us, real estate investment is not just simplified – it’s revolutionized. Step into the future, where every property transaction is trustworthy, seamless, and only a click away.

Diverse Real Estate Options Await You

From cozy residential homes to bustling commercial spaces, and even pre-construction opportunities buy fractional shares in the properties you like. Dive into a world where variety meets value. With Digital Assets Capital, every property type is within your reach, ensuring a diversified and dynamic investment journey.

Earn Steady Monthly Income with Rental Properties

Step into the realm of passive income through our handpicked rental properties. Every month, watch your returns flow in, turning your investments into consistent revenue streams. With Digital Assets Capital, your financial future is not just secure—it thrives. Choose smart, earn consistently.

Maximize Returns with Expert Insights and Analytics

In the fast-paced world of real estate, knowledge is power. Digital Assets Capital provides more than just a platform; we offer data-driven insights and analytics tailored to enhance your investment decisions. Harness the combined power of property expertise and cutting-edge technology to optimize your returns and minimize risks. Make informed choices, and let your capital work smarter.

Benefits of Investing with Digital Assets Capital

Curated Excellence with Digital Assets Capital

Navigating real estate can be overwhelming. That's why we present only the best, pre-evaluated opportunities for you. No guesswork, just premium choices. With us, every investment shines.

Strictly Regulated and Fully Compliant

In the realm of digital asset investments, due diligence and regulatory adherence are paramount. Our platform ensures that every property and transaction undergoes rigorous checks to meet the stringent requirements set by financial authorities. This includes regular audits, transparent record-keeping, and adherence to anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) protocols. We prioritize your security and trust, ensuring a compliant environment for every investment decision you make.

Blockchain: The Backbone of Transparency and Security

Blockchain technology is integral to our platform, offering unparalleled transparency and security. It ensures immutable records for every transaction, preventing tampering or unauthorized changes. Through decentralized storage, risks of breaches are significantly reduced. Smart contracts automate transactions, ensuring consistent, transparent processes. With blockchain, we achieve swift, verifiable, and secure property token transactions, optimizing trust for every investor.

Liquidity at the Forefront: Trade with Ease

One of the defining features of our platform is the liquidity it offers to investors. By tokenizing real estate assets, we transform traditionally illiquid investments into tradable tokens. These tokens can be easily bought, sold, or traded on our platform, akin to the fluidity of stock markets. This not only empowers investors with flexibility but also opens doors to dynamic portfolio management. Dive into real estate with the added advantage of instant tradeability.

Digital Assets Capital: Your Gateway to Smart Real Estate Investing

Starting with as little as $100, dive into a global marketplace of diversified property opportunities.


From the comfort of your home, explore everything from residential havens to commercial hubs and pre-construction gems. Enjoy the promise of monthly rental income and leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions.


Powered by blockchain technology, we ensure seamless transactions, unparalleled security, and a user experience second to none.


With Digital Assets Capital, the future of real estate is not just accessible—it’s revolutionary. Join us on this transformative journey.

Frequently asked questions

Our mission at Digital Assets Capital is to democratize access to real estate ownership, ensuring everyone can invest, regardless of their socioeconomic background. To that end, we’ve partnered with a top US and Canadian law firm specializing in real estate, securities law, and blockchain technology. With their help, we’ve created a comprehensive legal framework that provides maximum protection for our users who invest in rental properties on our platform.

Fractional ownership is shared ownership, where multiple individuals collectively own a property. As a fractional owner with Digital Assets Capital, you will own a portion of a property and benefit from its appreciation and cash flow without dealing with property management.
Digital Assets Capital sources projects through partnerships with real estate professionals such as brokers, agents, and investors. Our experienced team of investors underwrites and sources the best deals, explicitly focusing on stable, cash-flowing properties in desirable neighborhoods.

Digital Assets Capital is available worldwide so there are no restrictions as for the residence.

Investments in Digital Assets Capital are accepted in all major fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP and others. It can be also made in stablecoins that maintain a stable value with fiat currencies, for example, USDC and USDT for the US dollar.

The minimum investment for any offering on Digital Assets Capital is $100. However, specific offerings may require a higher minimum investment based on specific requirements.
If a home is not fully funded by the deadline, Digital Assets Capital allows the homeowner to extend the offering timeline. If the homeowner declines to extend the timeline, all invested funds will be returned to the respective investors.
To comply with security regulations under a Reg D exemption, the Digital Assets Capital token has a lockup period of one year. After that, the token can be sold for the home’s fair market value, which a third-party pricing partner determines.
Rent is distributed based on the percentage of the home that each owner possesses. This is done through their ownership token, with each holder receiving their portion of the rent in their wallet. This process is similar to the way dividends are distributed for stocks. For example, if you own 10% of the home, you will receive 10% of the net cash flow each month after deducting costs.
Digital Assets Capital leverages blockchain technology to provide its users and investors with transparent and traceable data on all tokenized homes on the platform, including transaction history, legal documentation, and month-to-month price changes. This not only enables greater ownership and utilization of existing payment rails, but also opens up the possibility of expanding into new financial tools in the future.
Digital Assets Capital has protections and processes to protect users from any crypto hack or leak. Property tokens are not anonymous and are issued to a specific owner. Each home token ownership agreement allows for reissuing assets to the original owner upon proof of hack.
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